Hey everybody,

Happy Monday! Can’t believe it’s already April.

Three Things You Can’t Miss:

  1. Thursday at 7pm ET: Get on deck and get all of your questions answered about the professional upskilling programs that have taken the world by storm! We can’t wait to chat with Shriya Nevatia, Program Director at On Deck (RSVP)
  2. Wednesday at 12pm ET: Join us for a 10 min mindful reset with our Head of Community, Sarah, who is a certified yoga teacher and mindfulness facilitator. She’ll lead us in an approachable 7 minute meditation, all levels of experience welcomed! (RSVP)
  3. Just launched — Sustainability…

We are elated to welcome Ja’dan Johnson to the Upstream team as a Marketing and Community Lead. Ja’dan is a talented story-teller, community builder, and problem solver. We can’t wait for him to tell the story of the Upstream community.

We greatly admire Ja’dan’s experience leading mission-driven organizations tackling complex social issues. Ja’dan’s personal mission is to tackle stereotypes around age and ability. To support that mission, Ja’dan launched Next Gen Creators, a Caribbean based non-profit that has focused on equipping youth with the skills they need to compete in the 21st-century workforce.

Ja’dan’s experience launching a business venture at…

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Paul Garcia to the Upstream team as a Senior Software Developer.

It is a special joy to hire people who are already passionate users of our product.

Paul has been an active member of the Upstream community for months. Our Head of Product, Kazi, recently re-discovered a message from Paul about an Android bug back in November. The last sentence of the message says it all.

Hey everybody-

Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrating our amazing community members, speakers, community admins, employees, investors, mothers, sisters, partners, and daughters — we wouldn’t be here without you!

Trying out a fun new event format this week — Dealflow: Testflights and Companies I’m Seeing. I’ll share the apps I’m beta testing, companies I’m introducing to investors, and everything in between. This week I’ll show off Texts.com, Oasis, and maybe one or two others. Join on Thursday at 7pm ET.

Win of the Week: Has Upstream helped you professionally? …

Photo of Upstream’s newest intern Tracy Agyemang with a foliage background
Photo of Upstream’s newest intern Tracy Agyemang with a foliage background

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Tracy Agyemang to the Upstream team! Tracy is an incredibly hard working and talented student at the University of Virginia.

Tracy joins our team as a Business Development Intern and is going to help us shape our go-to-market strategy. We were awed by Tracy’s dedication, contagious enthusiasm, and work ethic. We can’t wait to work with her!

Tracy is a 2nd year student at the University of Virginia, majoring in Commerce with concentrations in Marketing and Information Technology, alongside a track in Real Estate. …

Hey all -

March is here. Happy Women’s History Month!

So exciting to see all the new communities flourishing. The LQBTQ+Up Community led by Levi Sanders is hosting their second event this Wednesday (RSVP) and The NFT Community hosted by Drew Austin and myself is up and running (RSVP for the kickoff event). If you’ve wanted to launch your Upstream community, there is no better time than now!

Win of the Week: Has Upstream helped you professionally? Share your Upstream win with Alex/Sarah to get featured (& GET SPECIAL UPSTREAM SWAG!)

Honored to have some of Jay Drain’s home screen…

Hey all -

Can’t believe it’s March next week… let’s make this last week of February count.

A few events to highlight:

  1. Future of Work Ideathon with Marie Roker-Jones, Co-founder of Essteem: Wed at 2pm ET (RSVP)

As we honor Black History Month, we will discuss how to create trusted spaces for inclusion. Together we will explore: “How can employers, managers, and team members help foster social well-being for BIPOC employees?”

2. LGBTQ+Up Event with Shachar Grembek, Co-Founder and CTO of Reps AI: Wed at 1pm ET (RSVP)

In addition to co-founding Reps AI, Shachar is the founder of LGBTech…

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Sarah Alister to the Upstream team! Sarah is a superbly sharp and passionate student (and early Upstream user!) who we are incredibly lucky to have join us as a Business Development Intern.

We were blown away by Sarah’s contagious enthusiasm, spot-on product feedback, and commitment to paving the way for women in tech.

Sarah is a first generation American from New York City. Currently, she is a freshman undergrad residing in San Diego as a Computer Science major with minors in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. …

Hey all -

Love a four-day week! This one is action-packed. Let’s get started.

The Serial Marketers community is hosting a themed week of events and content around Esports and Gaming, kicking off February 22, 2021. You can join any of their amazing panels, breakouts, and office hours — link to sign up here! H/t David Berkowitz and Zachary Rozga for putting this together.

Hey all -

Action-packed week ahead. Let’s get started!

Win of the Week: Have you gotten hired, fundraising, a life-changing intro, or made a new modern friend? Share your Upstream win with Alex/Sarah to get featured! We’ll pick one a week to spotlight.

This week we’re celebrating Cari Pérez and the team at General Assembly for supercharging their weekly team catch-up by making it an Upstream event. We love helping companies energize their internal networking.


Upstream is the best way to grow your professional network. Find us at Upstreamapp.com

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