• Emily Hancock

    Emily Hancock

    Product Management | Venture Capital Currently living between NY, SF, and Shanghai

  • Hunter McNabb

    Hunter McNabb

  • Timi Dayo-Kayode

    Timi Dayo-Kayode

    Passionate about tech inclusion and the emerging Sub Saharan Africa tech ecosystem

  • Geoff Pritchard

    Geoff Pritchard

    Customer success manager for cloud-based imaging application. Father of three boys involved in youth athletics and wondering if technology makes better athletes

  • Chaitanya Mehta

    Chaitanya Mehta

    Founder @Dawa_in | @drug_io

  • Akshaya Dinesh

    Akshaya Dinesh

    A lover of coding, entrepreneurship, and hackathons. Stanford Class of 2022.

  • Ilana Wieder

    Ilana Wieder

  • Karen Wood

    Karen Wood

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