Nikhil Basu Trivedi & Mike Smith from Footwork, Stephanie Manning Cohen from Lerer Hippeau, Emily St. Denis from Female Founders Fund, Abe Brown from Forbes, Co-Founder Communication with Steve Schlafman & Eric Friedman, and more!

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Hope you were able to get outside this weekend! Packed week coming up, see you at an event or two.

5 Things You Can’t Miss:

  1. Tuesday at 5pm ET: Ever had to call a salon to schedule a haircut? With glow, that’s a thing of the past. Hear how Renee Russo and Annie Reardon will make booking personal care appointments as easy as making a dinner reservation at Pitch Night. (RSVP)
  2. Tuesday at 7pm ET: Only thing better than one investor is two! Join Nikhil Basu Trivedi (former GP at Shasta Ventures) and Mike Smith (former COO of Stitch Fix) from Footwork VC and hear about their $150M debut fund. (RSVP)
  3. Wednesday at 10am ET: Have a co-founder? Learn what you can do to strengthen your relationship in this conversation with the superbly talented Eric Friedman (ex-expa, foursquare, USV) and Steve Schlafman (ex-Primary Ventures, RRE, Lerer Ventures). (RSVP)
  4. Wednesday at 5pm ET: Curious about what the platform role in VC is? Join Stephanie Manning Cohen, Senior Director of Platform at Lerer Hippeau, and Emily St. Denis, Head of Platform at Female Founders Fund, for a deep-dive on their day-to-day. (RSVP)
  5. Friday at 3pm ET: Join Abe Brown, Senior Editor at Forbes, for our 61st Upstream Social! Abe writes about social media, creators, and digital culture. (RSVP)


  • Teal’s Career Growth Summit is coming up May 4–6. Join a session with an amazing speaker and meet some new folks in your industry! (RSVP)
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day on May 5th at 12:30pm ET with Stacey Delo, Founder of Apres and author of Your Turn: Careers, Kids, and Comebacks — A Working Mother’s Guide, in this special Future of Motherhood event. (RSVP)

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