Ryan Williams from Cadre, Kim-Mai Cutler from Initialized Capital, DAO 101 with Jarrod Dicker from The Chernin Group, Biz Carson from Protocol, and more!

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful 4th! Amazing line-up of events this week. Hope to see you at an event and in-person next week!

5 Things You Can’t Miss:

  • Tuesday at 5pm ET: Meet Midas Kwant, Founder of Next Question, and learn more about his amazing Q&A app that uses text-questions and voice answers to learn more about your friends at our weekly Pitch Night. (RSVP)

Upcoming IRL Events:

New York:

  • Wednesday 7/7 at 5pm ET: Every first Wednesday of the month, the Serial Marketers Community mixers are back in-person! Join Zack Rosenberg and David Berkowitz to gather IRL. It’s a tradition going back 20 years. (RSVP)


  • Thursday 7/8 at 5pm ET: Join us for a Happy Hour with entrepreneurs, engineers and other folks in tech from the Caribbean Community! (All are welcomed). (RSVP)


  • Wednesday 7/28: The Made in Israel Community is hosting a Rooftop Happy Hour. Save the date! (RSVP)

Reminder: You can join from web or mobile!

Win of the Week: Has Upstream helped you professionally? Share your Upstream win with Alex/Sarah to get featured (& get a special Upstream gift!)

We LOVE an Upstream serendipity moment!! Nothing more magical than finding something in common with someone you just met.

New Feature Alert: Upstream Reconnect Announcement

Last week, we announced a new product called Upstream Reconnect. Super grateful for the opportunity to chat with Emily Chang from Bloomberg about how this tool will help you reconnect with the people you’ve lost touch with professionally.

We’re building our waitlist and will pull users off throughout the summer. You can join the waitlist here!

To read more more about Upstream Reconnect, check out our blog, Bloomberg, & The New York Post.


Open the links below from your phone or from your computer!

TUESDAY the 6th

Evening: 5pm — 9pm ET


Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm ET

Evening: 5pm — 9pm ET

THURSDAY the 8th

Morning: 9am — 12pm ET

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm ET

Evening: 5pm — 9pm EST

FRIDAY the 9th

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm EST

Notable Upcoming

If you have any friends you think might like the events above, share the link with them so they can RSVP and join!

Can’t wait to see you at an event!




Upstream is the best way to grow your professional network. Find us at Upstreamapp.com

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Upstream is the best way to grow your professional network. Find us at Upstreamapp.com