Upstream Events: Elizabeth Yin from Hustle Fund, Eliot Brown, Author of The Cult of We, Morgan Beller from NFX, Future of Work Demo Day with 840 Venture Partners, National Intern Day Social, & More!

Hi everyone,

Amazing to see so many of you in New York and Miami IRL this past week. Check out the photos from New York here & Miami here!

Our amazing interns are putting together a super special event for National Intern Day in New York. If you’re an intern, join us on July 29th 6:30–8:30pm ET for a Happy Hour with a curated collection of the latest & greatest Gen Z brands. (RSVP)

5 Things You Can’t Miss:

Upcoming IRL Events Hosted By Upstream

New York:


If you want to run an official Upstream event in your city, reach out to me!

Win of the Week: Has Upstream helped you professionally? Share your Upstream win with Alex/Sarah to get featured (& get a special Upstream gift!)

Thank you to everyone who braved the line in New York on Wednesday. We were blown away by the attendance at the IRL Happy Hour. So amazing to see 400+ members of this vibrant community.

Can’t wait for August 3rd — I’ll be flying in for the event!

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Open the links below from your phone or from your computer!

MONDAY the 19th

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm ET

Evening: 5pm — 9pm ET

TUESDAY the 20th

Morning: 9am — 12pm ET

Evening: 5pm — 9pm ET

WEDNESDAY the 21st

Morning: 9am — 12pm ET

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm ET

Evening: 5pm — 9pm ET

THURSDAY the 22nd

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm ET

Evening: 5pm — 9pm EST

FRIDAY the 23rd

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm EST

Notable Upcoming

If you have any friends you think might like the events above, share the link with them so they can RSVP and join!

Can’t wait to see you at an event!




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