Upstream Events: Sarah Holmes from Unshackled Ventures, Julia La Roche from Yahoo Finance, Conor Robbins from MSCHF, Nitin Rai from Elevate Capital, Alex Angel at Commsor, & more!

Hi everyone,

Happy Monday! IRL is back and we have amazing events for you, both virtual & in-person.

5 Things You Can’t Miss:

  1. Tuesday at 6pm ET: Join us for a conversation with the amazing Sarah Holmes from Unshackled Ventures. Unshackled Ventures leads investments and provides full immigration support to help immigrant entrepreneurs succeed faster. (RSVP)
  2. Tuesday at 7pm ET: Come list to Nikolas Huebecker, 18 year-old co-founder of Quinn, on Pitch Night. Quinn is a next-gen productivity tool inspired by personal assistants. (RSVP)
  3. Wednesday at 1pm ET: We’ll chat with Conor Robbins from MSCHF, a conceptual art collective known for their activations and interventions (remember the Lil Nas X Satan shoes?) This conversation will cover all things virality, creators, and distribution. (RSVP)
  4. Friday at 12:30pm ET: In our Beauty x Tech community, Glow co-founders Annie Reardon & Renee Russo will ask the hard-hitting questions about Botox to Dr. Michael Cameron. Preventative botox, botox vs. fillers… when’s too early, when’s too late — or is it even right for you? (RSVP)
  5. Friday at 3pm ET: Julia La Roche from Yahoo Finance will join us for our Upstream Social. Her speciality is executive interviews — she just interviewed Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. NBD. (RSVP)

Bonus: New York & Miami IRL Events!

  • New York: Next Thursday, 6/24 at 6:30–8:30pm ET, Sarah is hosting a happy hour at Company Ventures’ beautiful rooftop terrace near Grand Central. Capacity is 150 and we’re already up to 120 RSVPs so make sure to sign up ASAP! Made possible by our friends at Carta & Company Ventures. (RSVP)
  • Miami: Next Thursday, 6/24 at 6–8pm ET, Ja’dan and I are hosting our Miami Social at the ParkLine Miami Apartments (RSVP). Two weeks later, we’re at the Ritz again on July 8th from 6–8pm ET for another Miami Social at the beautiful DiLido Beach Club (RSVP).

Reminder: You can join from web or mobile!

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Super excited to host our New York IRL event in partnership with Carta and Company Ventures. Grateful for their generous sponsorship and can’t wait to fill the gorgeous Company Ventures terrace!

New Feature Alert: Reminder Emails

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Open the links below from your phone or from your computer!

MONDAY the 14th

Evening: 5pm — 9pm ET

TUESDAY the 15th

Evening: 5pm — 9pm ET

WEDNESDAY the 16th

Afternoon: 11:30am — 5pm ET

Evening: 5pm — 9pm ET

THURSDAY the 17th

Afternoon: 11:30am — 5pm ET

Evening: 5pm — 9pm EST

FRIDAY the 18th

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm EST

Notable Upcoming

If you have any friends you think might like the events above, share the link with them so they can RSVP and join!

Can’t wait to see you at an event!


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