Upstream Events: The Path to a16z GP with David Haber, All Things Marketing with Hubspot CMO Kipp Bodnar, Pitch Contest with Female Founders Fund, Emerging Managers Session, & More!

  1. 🦩 Tuesday at 5 PM ET: Join the Miami Tech Community for a chat with Will Weinraub, #MiamiTech OG and Founding Partner of recently launched Flamingo Capital. (RSVP)
  2. 🗽 Tuesday at 6PM ET: Meet David Haber, a16z’s first fully NYC-based General Partner. David founded Bond Street (acquired by Goldman Sachs) after starting his career at Spark Capital! Learn how he got here and what he’ll do first at a16z! (RSVP)
  3. 🌱 Wednesday at 5 PM ET: Are you an Emerging Manager? You can’t miss this chat with Lindel Eakman, Managing Director of Foundry Group Next, Foundry Group’s Emerging Manager Investment Arm and former Head of Venture Investing for University of Texas. (RSVP)
  4. 🎨 Friday at 12 PM ET: Couldn’t be more excited to chat with Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot, for a session on all things start-up marketing! Kipp’s advice has been super helpful personally to us at Upstream, this is a must-attend session. (RSVP)
  5. ✍️ Friday at 3 PM ET: Join us for a conversation with Rani Molla, Senior Data Reporter at Recode/Vox (previously Bloomberg & WSJ) to learn what the role data visualization plays when writing about business and technology news! (RSVP)



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