Upstream Events: The Path to a16z GP with David Haber, All Things Marketing with Hubspot CMO Kipp Bodnar, Pitch Contest with Female Founders Fund, Emerging Managers Session, & More!

Hey everyone,

Incredible turnout for our conversation with Reid Hoffman about mastering scale last Friday.

We tested our own mastery of scale, hosting the largest Upstream virtual event in company history (466 RSVPs!)

Missed the event? You can watch the event on Upstream’s YouTube page here.

Order a copy of Reid’s book Masters of Scale and join the Upstream Bookclub hosted by Nikki Nikki Bogopolskaya and Danielle Mantich to discuss on Thursday, Oct 7th at 6:30pm here!

🔥 5 Things You Can’t Miss This Week: 🔥

❓ Ask of the Week: Reid Hoffman’s Dream Interview Guest ❓

Reid Hoffman would love to interview Rihanna on his podcast Masters of Scale about how she built and scaled the iconic Fenty brand.

Have a connection to Rihanna? Shoot me an email at and I’ll connect you with his team.

🌟 Win of the Week: 🌟

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Female Founders Fund and Lightspeed Venture Partners for their first-ever virtual startup pitch competition, hosted on 9/23 on Upstream!

In alignment with FFF’s everyday mission, the purpose of this pitch competition is to provide capital, strategic mentorship, business tools and more to propel underrepresented female founders.

You can learn more and RSVP here!


Open the links below from your phone or from your computer!

TUESDAY the 14th

Evening: 5pm — 9pm EST

WEDNESDAY the 15th

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm ET

Evening: 5pm — 9pm EST

THURSDAY the 16th

Morning: 9am — 12pm ET

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm EST

FRIDAY the 17th

Afternoon: 12pm — 5pm EST

Notable Upcoming

If you have any friends you think might like the events above, share the link with them so they can RSVP and join!

Can’t wait to see you at an event!




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Upstream is the best way to grow your professional network. Find us at