Upstream Events — Week of 11/16

5 min readNov 16, 2020

Every week on Monday we send out an email to the Upstream user-base with upcoming events.

We’ve decided to also make a blog post out of it so others can see what is coming up. Below is the email.

Hey Everyone,

We have an action pack week with tons of Events and Office Hours. We also have a big new release with the ability to have split screen with guest speakers. You’ll be able to see both the host and the guest speaker at the same time. There are three new options — picture in picture, horizontal and vertical. We also added the ability to choose your audio output and go audio-only for your matching if your video quality isn’t faring well. Make sure to update to the latest App Store version (#306 if you look at your settings at the bottom of the screen).

As I mentioned last week, we are getting too big to use my personal email to send the Events email every Monday. We have begun using an email provider. I’ll include the below request for the next few weeks.

A quick request: to ensure that you receive these event emails, please add,, and to your Contacts list. If this email landed in your Gmail Promotions tab, drag it to the Primary tab (on mobile, select Change Label via the three dots on the top right). Thank you!

If you have any friends you think might like the events below, share the link with them so they can RSVP and join!

Reminder: Open the links below from your phone.

MONDAY the 16th

San Diego Tech Social #1 with Brant Cooper (Author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development) at 3pm ET

Office Hours:

Alex Taub — Co-founder of Upstream at 1pm ET
Kazi Islam — Product at Upstream at 3pm ET
Taylor Lorenz — Technology Reporter at The New York Times at 8:15pm ET

TUESDAY the 17th

HR Speaker and Social #4 with Katie Parks at 12:30pm ET

Expert Series: NYC Enterprise Tech with Jonathan Lehr (Co-Founder and General Partner at Work-Bench) at 1pm ET

Creator/Passion Economy Mixer #1 at 1pm ET

Venwise Community Gathering #1 at 5pm ET

Marketing Mixer #6 (Guest Speaker: Peipei Lin, VP of Marketing, NA for Rimowa Luggage) at 6pm ET

Duke Venture Community November networking event — Early Stage VC at 7pm ET

Investor Series #12 with Anna Khan — General Partner at CRV at 7pm ET

Upstream Admins Only Event at 8pm ET

Office Hours:

Matt Colleran — CMO at Clamour at 1pm ET
Teddy Seem — Partner at Outsiders Fund at 2:30pm ET
Haroun Hickman — Commercial Director at Metomic at 3pm ET
Matt Restivo — Founder/CEO at at 3:30pm ET
Kaitlin Christine — CEO of Gabbi at 5pm ET
Therese Gedda — Founder/CEO at Reimaginez at 5:30pm ET

WEDNESDAY the 18th

Social Audio Mixer #1 at 1pm ET

Expert Series: Building The Machine with Eric Friedman (formerly at USV, Foursquare and expa) at 2pm ET

Influencer Marketing Meetup #1 — TikTok’s Creator Marketplace at 2pm ET

Miami Tech Social #2 at 5pm ET

Young Professionals Mixer #2 with Guest Speaker: Andrew Reuben, Director, Global Digital Marketing, for Ralph Lauren at 6pm ET

BD / Partnerships Social #14 — David Rosenberg — Director of Strategy at Snap / Bitmoji at 6pm ET

Active Investor Social #16 with Caitlin Strandberg of Lerer Hippeau at 6pm ET

Sports Business Event #10 with Pablo S. Torre (Host, ESPN Daily) at 7pm ET

Office Hours:

Jennifer Dagi — Relationship Blogger at 10am ET
Brian Folmer — Founder at FirstLookVC at 11am ET
Kine Paulsen — Partner at kinfizz at 12pm ET
Mike Gelb — Founder at The Consumer VC at 2pm ET
Kate Kelly — CEO/Co-founder at Chelsea Capital at 3:30pm ET
Stephane Gringer — Partner at Chameleon Collective at 4pm ET
Heather Marie Udo — Founder/CEO at Shoppable at 4pm ET
Zac Stern — Founder at Official at 5pm ET
Douglas Govindavajhala — Senior Software Engineer at DG edtech Ventures at 6pm ET
Henry Chi — Investor at Capital Innovators at 8pm ET
Ron Schwartz — CEO at Techub Limited at 9pm ET

THURSDAY the 19th

Startup Lean Coffee Mixer #4 at 9am ET

Made In Israel — Mixer Part III at 12pm ET

Fellow Female Founders #7 with Jomayra Herrera from Cowboy Ventures at 3pm ET

Healthcare Community Social — 11.19.20 at 6pm ET

LA Social # 2 with Joe Fernandez (former founder of Klout + Joymode) at 7pm ET

PR Pros Networking IX at 7pm ET

Tech Chat #4 with Jim Scheinman Founding Managing Partner at Maven Ventures

Friends of Propel Speed Networking #1 at 8:30pm ET

Office Hours:

David Berkowitz — Founder at Serial Marketers at 12pm ET

Kerry Flynn — Reporter at CNN at 12pm ET

Geoff Scott — CEO/CTO at Fractional CTO/VPE

Nikki Bogopolskaya — Brand Partnerships at TikTok at 1pm ET

Andrew McCarley — Senior Consultant at Peabody Aerospace at 3pm ET

Jonathan Hakakian — Managing Director at SoundBoard Venture Fund at 3:45pm ET
Jasmine Neal — Co-founder at Tune at 4pm ET
Eric Broad — CEO of Bowery Legal at 4pm ET
Jonathan Fishman — Founder at Bizydev at 5pm ET
Jay Karande — Co-creator at SayHullo at 5:10pm ET
Chaim Haas — Head of Innovation Communications at Bloomberg at 6:30pm ET

FRIDAY the 20th

Founders Friday #18 — Speaker TBD at 9am ET

Expert Series: First Employee to Founder with Lindsay Kaplan (Co-Founder of Chief) at 10am ET

Founder + Entrepreneur + Changemaker Fridays at 12pm ET

Upstream Social XXXVIII with Anthony Ha (Senior Writer at TechCrunch) at 3pm ET

Office Hours:

Scott Rosenbluth — CEO of Craze Management at 11am ET
Alex Taub — Co-founder at Upstream at 1pm ET
Josh Berns — Investor at Blue Collective at 2:30pm ET
Jake Wayne — Investor at Torch Capital at 3pm ET
Gavin Gillas — CEO/Partner at YGC at 3:30pm ET
Michael Chow — Founder/CEO at Dart Technologies at 4pm ET
Michael Galluppo — Founder at OLY.AI at 4:30pm ET
Therese Gedda — Founder/CEO at Reimaginez at 5:15pm ET

Other Upcoming

Investor Series on Tuesdays: Investor Series #13 with TBD, Investor Series #14 with TBD, Investor Series #15 — TBD

Upstream Social on Friday: Upstream Social XXXIX — Special Thanksgiving Event with surprise guests, Upstream Social XXXX — with TBD, Upstream Social XXXXI — TBD

Expert Series: Expert Series 11/23, Expert Series 11/24, Expert Series 11/25

Tech Chat: Tech Chat #5 — Guest Speaker TBD

Other Interesting Ones: Jews in Tech Event #10, Venwise Community Gathering #2, BD / Partnerships Social #15, Fellow Female Founders #9 with Medha Agarwal from Redpoint Ventures, Sports Business Event #11, Serial Marketers SpeedUp #11, Consumer Founder / Investor Meetup #7 with Anna Barber (MD of Techstars LA), Pitching to Investors as a Diverse Founder #2 with Allison Byers, founder and CEO of Scroobius, PR Pros Networking X — with special guest Sarah Evans (Founder & CEO, Sevans Strategy), BD / Partnerships Social #16, Sports Business Event #12, Serial Marketers SpeedUp #12 Holiday Mirth Spectacular, PR Pros Networking XI — with special guest Brian Wallace (Founder at NowSourcing)

We are always looking for awesome new faces at the events. Take a minute and think of someone you know that might enjoy these events.

Feel free to introduce them to me directly. Alternatively, just send them this email / links so they can join the community + rsvp direct.

I hope to see you at one!





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