Upstream partners with PetCon to power Meet & Greets for fans to virtually meet 1 on 1 with Celebrity Pets

If there has been one unexpected benefit of working from home, it has to be the quality time with our beloved pets (and those of our colleagues and classmates!). Have you really been working from home if you haven’t heard at least one dog bark or had a cat waltz through a Zoom room?

This Saturday, our four-legged friends take center stage with PetCon Digital 2020. PetCon Digital is an action-packed event of insightful panels, fun activations and can’t miss meet + greets with your favorite celebrity pets. The Verge calls it, “One of the most persistently joyful events I’ve ever been to.”

As you likely know, one of the best parts of in-person Cons (PetCon, ComicCon, VidCon, etc) is the Meet & Greet. The opportunity to meet your heroes in a small intimate setting, ask questions, and pose for photos is not easily replicated. As the world has gone virtual, a myriad of options to host events have sprung up, but no one has provided a solution to delivering the same energizing experience as a Meet & Greet.

That’s where we at Upstream stepped in. We released a new event format called Office Hours that has been lauded by founders, CEOs, investors, and reporters as the easiest way to meet new people without the scheduling nightmare of coordinating 10-minute calendar holds. Building off the success of Office Hours, we made a few tweaks to deliver a Meet & Greet.

We could not be more proud to partner with PetCon to power their Meet & Greets for fans to meet their beloved celebrity pets. If you buy a Donor/VIP Ticket, you will be able to book a 3 minute slot for a 1 on 1 video with the likes of Tatum Talks and Gone to the Snow Dogs.

While my dog Bart didn’t meet the celebrity status this year, you best believe we will be signing up for a Meet & Greet for him to meet his esteemed furry counterparts. It’ll be fun for the whole family, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

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