Welcome Paul Garcia to Upstream!

2 min readMar 22, 2021

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Paul Garcia to the Upstream team as a Senior Software Developer.

It is a special joy to hire people who are already passionate users of our product.

Paul has been an active member of the Upstream community for months. Our Head of Product, Kazi, recently re-discovered a message from Paul about an Android bug back in November. The last sentence of the message says it all.

Paul came to Upstream as a founder. He founded the company, Rethink Urban Design, taking a cross-disciplinary approach to help solve some of the biggest challenges in housing.

Using Upstream, Paul was able to meet investors and thought partners. In many ways, Paul is exactly the Upstream user we hoped to attract. A driven, talented founder with a big idea to make the world a better place who benefitted from being able to meet investors who weren’t in his network.

As Paul’s career aspirations changed, he saw that Upstream — the app that had helped him in his entrepreneurial journey — was hiring. We are so lucky he reached out.

We met Paul and were blown away by his technical abilities, his empathy for our users, and his contagious positive energy.

Paul has been a software engineer for 8 years, working across industries. Most recently, he spent four years at Cruise Automation (acquired Dashride) helping launch the driverless revolution by creating solutions around fleet management. Born in Peru, Paul has spent the last 28 years in New York. With Paul’s help, we’re excited to grow the Upstream reach across Latin America.

Please join us in welcoming Paul to the Upstream community. You can find him on LinkedIn.

If you are interested in joining our team or learning more about Upstream — please email us at hi@upstreamapp.com.




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